Day 7: Prophecy 2020: Prayer For God’s Mercy On The International Scene. “This year unless we pray very hard”, the prophecy declares, “the earth is going to behave like a child that is having convulsion. Earthquakes and volcanoes that have been dormant for years will erupt; the reason is due to SIN. SIN is becoming more rampant. There will also be change of government all over the world, some of the changes will be peaceful, and some will not.”

  1. Let us begin to pray against impeding natural disasters.
  2. No doubt sin has become order of the day and even institutionalized in many nations. Father let there be turnaround from wickedness unto righteousness in nations in Jesus name Psa 7:9
  3. Father let the light of salvation shine brightest thorough the preaching of the gospel Isa 9:2
  4. Father; turns the heart of men and women away from evil to embrace good deeds in righteousness. Acts 10:38
  5. Read Acts 2: 17-21. The scriptures is being fulfilled in our time; let’s pray the father of mercy, to save His children from the scourge of these convulsions
  6. In the midst of this coming darkness; God is ever faithful to answer whenever we call on Him. Let’s pray that faith will be alive in men to call upon God in trouble. Psa 50:15
  7. These are perilous time; let’s pray that God will distinguish his children distinctly to proof His wonder to the dying world in Jesus name. Mal 3:18
  8. Father. In the midst of darkness, let your light shines brighter for deliverance of those in darkness to relocate into thy marvelous light 1 Pet 2:9
  9. The gods of Baal failed in the day of need. Father let the power of false gods begin to fail their followers in all nations 1 Kings 18:28-29
  10. We are required to pray hard, to avert unpleasant situation. Father revive the PRAYER live of your church to stand in gap in order to save the dying world Luk 18;1
  11. Father, hear us whenever we call. Joh 14:14
  12. Father, You are the Desire of all nation, in your shaken let wickedness and all forms of ungodliness be uprooted. Hag. 2:5-7
  13. Father, Open the eyes of saints to see the futility of the prosperity of the wicked. Don’t let their feet slip away. Psa 73:17


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